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Warm, Dry and Cool Since 1898!
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Professional Cooling Systems & Solutions In Dutchess & Ulster Counties

Since 1898, Plass the Plumber has been serving the needs of residential and commercial customers throughout the Dutchess County region. From plumbing and water heaters to heating and cooling, Plass the Plumber offers courteous and professional service every time.
Plass the Plumber offers scheduled maintenance plans as well as emergency response for those unexpected situations at affordable rates.
Plass the Plumber technicians are trained and certified to handle whatever situation you may experience. Plass the Plumber Inc is fully licensed and insured, neat and clean, drug-free, prompt and professional.
Our services include, but are not limited to:
Emergency Services Provided
Steam Heat Specialists
Gas Heating System Services
Gas Heating System Installation or Replacement
We also provide services to commercial property owners and property management companies.

Plass the Plumber is here for you when you need the following:


Local Air Conditioning Repair Services – Licensed AC Repair Contractor

Ductless Split Systems – no mess Installation
Service & Maintenance – Extend life of system
Sales & Installations – Professional & Guaranteed
Home Heating – Natural Gas Heating Systems
*Steam Heat Specialists – old or new, service & repair
*Hot Water Heating Specialists – old or new, service & repair
— Hot Water Options
— Tank-less
— Indirect
* Forced Air Heating Specialists – old or new, service & repair
* Low Mass, Modulating, Condensing Boiler
— Installation & Service by trained technicians
*Fuel Saving Equipment
— Tele-con
— Outdoor Reset
*Recirculation Systems – convenience, does not waste water
Professional Plumbing Specialists
Plumbing Service & Repair Installations & Replacements
Prompt, Professional Service
Water Heaters
Service, Repair, Replacements & Installations Plass the Plumber is ready to serve your plumbing needs throughout Dutchess County, Ulster County and surrounding areas.
Whole House Back-up Generators
Generator Installation, Service, Tune-ups, Repair & Replacements. Generators need to be regularly maintained, particularly after a major period of usage, and even if your system has not been used at all during the year. If you are considering have a whole house generator installed, be sure to talk with a trained service technician at Plass the Plumber about which generator is right for your home. And ask us about our annual Generator Service Program.